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ImageThis site is part of a project to support the Craighill Channel Lower Range Front lighthouse and promote the histories and preservation of the other Craighill Range lights by Historical Place Preservation, Inc. (HPP), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 14 - 1885135). After a three year application process with the federal government under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act (NHLPA) of 2000, the organization successfully acquired stewardship of the Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Beacon (the caisson off North Point). None of the other lighthouses in the Upper or Lower range have become available under the NHLPA program yet.

HPP's efforts to raise funds, volunteers, and local support will sustain the restoration and preservation of initially the front beacon and ultimately allow the light to be opened to public tours. The goal is to bring about more education and awareness of these pillars of history which are becoming quickly obsolete in the age of GPS and guidance devices. Many lighthouses across the US are deteriorating rapidly due to lack of attention and funds. We want to reverse that and have these lights shine where they stand in all their former glory! Click the "Read More" link for more information on this website and the range lights.

ImageThis site contains history on the four lighthouses consisting of the Craighill Channel Upper and Lower Ranges since they all go together. Our main purpose is to preserve the rich history and heritage that these lighthouses have and expand upon it by restoring these wonders to their former glory in order to build cultural bridges between the past, present, and future. Please visit a while and maybe even get involved in this exciting project! We are hoping to make a difference with our local lighthouse and help more organizations get involved in this important stewardship program nationwide.

The Craighill Channel Range Lights consist of two pairs of range lights in the Chesapeake Bay outside of Baltimore, Maryland; the Upper Range and the Lower Range. The Lower Range consists of the Front Beacon, a "sparkplug" or caisson lighthouse with the year 1873 prominently displayed above the door. This was the first lighthouse of that style built in the Chesapeake Bay and believed to be the 2nd in the United States. The Rear Beacon, locally known as the Millers Island Lighthouse was built around the same time and originally had a gorgeous Victorian keeper's quarters at its base, which was unfortunately dismantled in the 1930s.


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